Bring on the Cozy

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riffraffpics001Cardigan, Top, Beanie: Riffraff // Jeans: Articles of Society // Coat: Eddie Bauer // Shoes: Dr. Martens // S’well Bottle 

When it’s cold out, all I want to do is have comfy clothes on. That’s why I love this cardigan so much right now! It truly is so cozy that I want to wear it everyday. Another one of my obsessions right now are beanies. If you follow my Instagram, I have been wearing a lot beanies lately but this one is my favorite. Furry pom pom beanies are so fun and in right now!   Also, If you’re needing a good basic white tee, I love this one from Riffraff because it is a great material. The jeans I’m wearing are only $54! I looked a long time for a pair that had rips in the knees and I was very happy when I found these. They fit really well and the price can’t be beat!
Okay last thing… If you don’t have a S’well bottle you need one right now!!! I got mine for Christmas and I have used it nonstop ever since. I used to not really like drinking water but after I got my S’well, I want to drink water all the time! It keeps your water so cold so that’s why I think I like it so much. I want to get another one soon that has a fun pattern on it!

Thanks for reading!
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Easy Plaid..

plaid011 plaid007 plaid005 plaid004 plaid002 plaid001Tunic: Riffraff// Jeans: American Eagle (Love these!)// Shoes: Free People

I’m always looking for easy things to throw on and go. This tunic from Riffraff is one of my favorites for that! It’s easy and cute and can also be dressed up more with black jeans and booties if you want.
I’ve had my eye on these Free People clogs for awhile and I finally got them the other day and I love them!! They really go with anything and can make an outfit. I would definitely recommend them.
I cannot believe Christmas is in 4 days! It definitely doesn’t feel like it considering its 65 degrees where I live today. I wish It would get a little bit colder but I don’t see that happening. Oh well, I’m excited anyways!

Have a great day
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A Must Have This Season

Blanket Scarf001 Blanket Scarf002
Blanket Scarf004 Blanket Scarf005 Blanket Scarf006

Blanket Scarf003 Blanket Scarf007 Blanket Scarf008 Blanket Scarf009Scarf and top: Riffraff 

One of my favorite things this fall are blanket scarves! There are so many different ways to wear them that it makes it such a versatile piece. I love this particular one I am wearing from Riffraff because it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly heavy like some of the others I have tried on. It’s a great weight and is also very warm! This is also my favorite top right now because it is sooo soft! I know I will be wearing it all the time! (In store at Riffraff)
On another note, I’m so ready for Thanksgiving break next week! It will be so nice to be home for a few days with my family after being at school.
I hope you all have a great week!
Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 8.22.25 PMHere are some other options for scarves!
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