Denim… and Denim

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Denim top (Similar)//Necklace & Statement Necklace// Michael Kors Watch//Jeans//Shoes (Similar)//Scarf Old


Hello friendsss! Twas the day after Christmas I finally made a blog post!!!
My new camera made things a lot easier today which is a relief. I’m still figuring out things and I need to take some classes or do some youtubing to learn some tricks! The pics are a bit bright today but I will be working out that.

Today I went for a denim on denim look. After I took the pictures,I realized I didn’t like the bag with the outfit at all.. BUT it was a little chilly and I didn’t want to retake them all. My jeans- I absolutely love! They are actually from JC Penny and they are the most comfortable jeans EVER! and they don’t stretch much which is a good thing for me because that is one of my pet peeves. Everyone needs an initial necklace!! They are the perfect thing to wear on an everyday basis and its just a staple piece of jewelry that goes with everythingggg.

Well I think that’s it! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

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