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Couldn’t be more excited about my first post with my new template! I’m still figuring things out but I am loving it! So I went in Hazel’s Haven Wednesday and couldn’t help but style some outfits. You guys know how I love to play around with different outfit choices! I took a total of 10 pieces and made 10 different outfits. The first look I started out with a soft sweet look but Meagan brought out the leather skirt and I knew I had to do an edgy side just to balance out the soft side 😉 I think it works wonderfully because you can also throw that same graphic tee you paired with your sweet(daytime) look and then put on your leather skirt for dinner to dress it up! I think a pair of pointed toe heels with gold tips would be perfect too 🙂 Stop in Hazel’s Haven today or call 479-242-4295 to order any of these pieces! and don’t forget to follow them on instagram for daily looks and new arrivals(hazelshaven)

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