Tips for Necklace Layering

IMG_4100 IMG_4096
IMG_4121It’s Friday and I’m going to share some tips on my necklace layering!
1. I always start out with the shortest necklace first. you can wear an initial necklace, pendant,etc.
2. Then keep working your way down going shortest to longest. This wishbone necklace is amazing for layering, it’s the perfect length!
3. Add your longest necklace that you want to wear, and maybe wear a different shape than you have on your second necklace.
4. Last step is to throw on another necklace just to add some depth to what you already have on.
You might just want to stop at step 3 or even step 2! The trick is to play around with your necklaces and remember you can always keep adding or taking away.
Have fun with  it!
Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 8.22.25 PMRibbet collage

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