Fall Style Show

Here is an inside look at the fashion show  that I co-chaired in on Sunday. We did a total of 20 outfits and the models looked amazing!! 


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Hey guys!
I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy last week was getting ready for the show. It was a ton of fun but phew! It was exhausting. The Fashion show was put on as a fundraiser for Ronald Mcdonald House (website here) and 80% of the proceeds went to the organization! I was able to take part in the show by co-chairing and recruiting boutiques around the area for the show. We were able to have Simply Couture, Red Leopard Boutique, Suite One, and Hazel’s Haven in the show. Each store put in a total of 5 outfits in and Warrens was the shoe provider for three of the boutiques! I was nervous in the morning because it was raining and pretty nasty out, but it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. The sun came out and it was show time!  The models looked AH-MAZING and killed it on their walk! I couldn’t decide which was my favorite outfit because they all looked so great. (You can see all of their outfits on my Facebook page here.) I hope you can find inspiration from all of the pieces in the show and Feel free to comment or email me if you would like more details on an outfit.
I’ll be posting my outfit that I wore to the show so check back tomorrow for another post.
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