Add a Punch of Color

kolor3 kolor6 kolor7 kolor10 kolr8Top: Riffraff//Shoes: Diba// Jeans: J brand//Bag: Louis Vuitton//Sunglasses: Ray Ban

While pastel tones are popular this year, you certainly can’t go wrong adding a punch of color to your closet. I’m obsessed with this top from Riffraff that is the perfect shade of red! (They also have a pretty blue one too.) If you’re like me, I prefer tops that are longer in the back which is why I think I like this one so much! P.s I’m in love with these heels I’m wearing! If you are wanting an easy heel for summer, I would definitely recommend these. 

This week I am out of school minus a test I have to go back for on Thursday. So I’m basically considering myself out! A lot of things to look forward to this week and next…prom this weekend and graduation next! After prom, I will do a blog post on my dress like I did last year. (See here)
Have a great day!
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