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Saturday in Stillwater + DISCOUNT CODE!

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Hi everyone!!
It’s been awhile since my last post and a lot has happened! I left for college at the beginning of August, went through recruitment, started school, and now I’m in the busyness of it all. If you have been following my Instagram you saw that I went Pi Phi which has been so fun and keeps me (really) busy!
On another note, being in college really does change your wardrobe. Everyone says that but I didn’t understand how true it is! You really just don’t want to/ can’t dress up every day. I dressed up almost every day in high school and that just isn’t practical for college when you’re walking everywhere outside and everything else! But I’m totally ok with that at this point. There are still weekends and other events that you get dressier for!
So speaking of comfy casual, this shirt is a must if you go to OSU! It’s such a cute saying and of course you can throw it on with shorts or dress it up. Don’t worry if you’re not an OSU fan though. Riffraff has a “Game Day Guide” with tons of other shirts that you must check out! (here)
If you are reading my blog for the first time today and have never heard of Riffraffit is a boutique with trendy, affordable clothing located in Fayetteville, AR and Dallas! Stay updated with their latest by following @shopriffraff on instagram. Riffraff has been one of my go-to places for outfits for the past few years; I love it!

When ordering from Riffraff, don’t forget to use my code “clairewilson” for a 15% off your purchases!
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P.s I apologize if you got multiple emails on this post yesterday! I was having some technical difficulties but it should be figured out now. Thanks for your patience!