December 2015 archive

Easy Plaid..

plaid011 plaid007 plaid005 plaid004 plaid002 plaid001Tunic: Riffraff// Jeans: American Eagle (Love these!)// Shoes: Free People

I’m always looking for easy things to throw on and go. This tunic from Riffraff is one of my favorites for that! It’s easy and cute and can also be dressed up more with black jeans and booties if you want.
I’ve had my eye on these Free People clogs for awhile and I finally got them the other day and I love them!! They really go with anything and can make an outfit. I would definitely recommend them.
I cannot believe Christmas is in 4 days! It definitely doesn’t feel like it considering its 65 degrees where I live today. I wish It would get a little bit colder but I don’t see that happening. Oh well, I’m excited anyways!

Have a great day
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