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Want to Cut Your Hair..? Q & A

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I’ve gotten several emails within the last week asking about my short hair! What I asked for, do I like it, etc. So I thought I would make a blog post on a review about having short hair!

If you’re like me and you’ve ever thought about cutting your hair off, you have spent a LOT of time debating it. I went back and forth for several months on whether I wanted to cut it or not. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and other sites looking at short hair and I knew I loved the look, I was just being a chicken about cutting it off! I also spent a lot of time watching vids on YouTube of girls that had cut their hair off and loved it.

What made your final decision?
I think what set my decision was when I saw the blogger Sazan Barzani cut her hair off and it looked great so I was like “you know I’m just going to do it!” She had said in her video that she just wanted her hair to be healthy again and that helped with my decision process. My hair has always been long and I knew I was getting bad split ends so I wanted to cut my hair off so it could grow back healthier. Also… I just wanted a new look!

Do you have naturally curly or straight hair?
I have very naturally CURLY and COARSE hair. I was thinking when I cut my hair that it would cut down on styling time. Nope. Word of warning: It will take you a lot longer styling short hair than long hair if you have curly, coarse hair!!!! It’s crazy but it takes me longer now because I can’t just do whatever to it or I look like a puff ball! Lol. It has been a real struggle also with the humidity in Arkansas. Now that my hair is short, It gets even more frizzy when I go outside .. That is something I didn’t think about before cutting it! But If you have naturally straight,thin hair. Go for it. It will be much easier for you than those who have thick curly hair!
Not to say though if you have my type of hair that you shouldn’t, it will just be a little tougher to work with.  But that is something I’m okay with personally!

Do you regret cutting it?
I have only had short hair for I guess a little over a week now and I haven’t regretted it yet. There are times though that I do wish I had my long hair because I’m just not crazy about it when it’s in a pony tail but other than that, nope! It’s a new look and my hair is so much healthier! Hair grows back…some people’s maybe faster than others but I try to remember that if I’m ever having doubts about whether I should have cut it or not. I do have Bellami hair extensions that I don’t wear often but I guess I could always put them in if I’m feeling long hair for the day!

Talking to your stylist:
Make sure that you are clear to your hairdresser  exactly what you want! I told mine that I didn’t want it angled and I also showed her 2 pictures of the look I was going for. She also didn’t chop it off all at once. She did a little bit, then asked me what I thought and then she continued to cut off more. I think that helped doing it a little bit at a time so she really got it how I wanted it.

What do you use to curl your hair now that it is short?
I am still using my Hot Tools 1 inch barrel that I used with my long hair. The only difference is that I don’t curl it all the way down, I leave it straight on the ends and I alternate on which way I curl it. I tried using a wand the past few days and I was not crazy about it so I switched to how I used to curl my hair (which is not wanding it) and I like it a lot better!

                                           Overall my final comment is GO FOR IT!

If I didn’t answer a question you have, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email.
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